How to lose extra weights with boxing / kickboxing

how to lose weight with boxing cardio

Any kind of active sports will help one to burn calories. Today I want to introduce my most favorite sport to not only improve power and strength but also lose fat: boxing/kickboxing. The common thought about this sport is that it is too tough and arrogant. Well, that is mostly true for professional fighters. However, what I want to discuss today is boxing is used as a training method on my weight loss journey by using boxing techniques and movements to make the cardio more fun , enjoyable and rewarding. With that being said, this post will focus on boxing/kickboxing cardio for weight loss.

If you train at a gym, there are probably lots of equipment available. In my case, I just turn on Fitness Blender – my favorite Youtube channel that has hundreds of free workout videos for everybody. So I will just need to follow their boxing/kickboxing cardio exercises and cost nothing for a gym.

Or you just need to Google and search for boxing workouts, there are plenty of selections for you to choose. And of course they are free!

After a few months of basic boxing cardio with only body weight, I decided to step up my game by also training with a punching bag at home. I purchase a used punching bag for a minimal price from a friend and start practiced the punching workout.

This is a bit more risky than just doing body weight boxing exercises, because I gotta use power to punch and hit the bag. My hands will directly in harsh contact with the bag, thus I don’t mind spending on a pair of boxing gloves to protect my hands and any possible injuries during the training. If you are interested, this website provides a lot of useful information and buying guides on best boxing gloves – which help buyers, especially beginners like me, can easily choose the good one.

Not only upper body but also lower body parts, especially legs and thighs, get the chances to train hard by kicking the punching bags.

With these boxing training, I have noticed a great improvement in my strength and endurance, and especially  my stamina has increased significantly after a few months. More importantly, punching hard really helps whenever I feel stressful from work or personal life.

What are you still waiting now? Get up and do some jumping, jabbing and punching! It’s fun and cheeful!


How I train to increase endurance & stamina

Endurance and stamina play important parts in your training performance. Obviously the more you train, the more your body get familiar with intense activities. For beginners it will be very challenging to keep up with a long workout without running out of breaths. So, in this post, I’d like to share with you how I train to increase my endurance and strengthen my stamina.


Let’s have a look at following examples to understand better what I try to explain here:

  • Instead of lifting 20 pound dumbbells for a set of 5 reps (which reaches your current ability), cut down the weights to 10 pounds and increase the number of reps to 10 or 15.
  • Instead of running very fast for 15 minutes, decrease your speed and extend the running time to 30 minutes or 45 minutes

increase stamina and endurance


How long do you normally take breaks between each weight lifting set or between every running mile? Instead of 1 or 2 minutes, cut it down to 30 or 45 seconds instead. When you train with less resistance yet still keep up with the repetitions and shorter breaks, you will definitely see progress of your endurance within an expected time.


Success is based a lot on frequency. You cannot just practice for once a week and see the result come instantly. Keep it on a regular base especially when stamina training’s purpose is to keep up with the intense sport activity over a long period of time.


Weight lifting helps to increase your muscles. The more muscle you have, the more it challenges your heart. I have been training by combining cardio in between my weight lifting sets and have seen the tremendous progress in how my endurance lasts longer.

Actually I am still on the way to improve my endurance, so my knowledge and experiences towards this subject might be still humble. I’d love to hear from you guys how you train and if you have something to add more, feel free to write a comment below.

How to avoid injuries while training

There are different ways to avoid injuries while training that I have been always applying. They also help a lot in fasten the recovery after each training session and enhance my performance in long term. So basically I can increase my training to the harder and more intense level yet reduce the possibility of getting injured.


There are 2 stages of warming up I do before every workout: a dynamic one and a more specific one that is emphasized on each movement. Let me explain it a bit more.

A dynamic warm-up will generally “wake your body up” by activating the muscles, the body temperature and the nervous system. It will help to prepare yourself for a hard workout ahead by increasing your range of motion and mobility of your body parts.

When I am done with a 5 to 10 minute overall dynamic session,  I will start to do the next specific warm up for each muscle group. For example,  I can start squatting with just my body weight to get the blood well-circulated and fire up the motion. Then I will use a set of light weight dumbbells to create a proper motive warm up that helps my muscles prepare for the heavier squatting ahead.


I know after an intense workout, your whole body is drained out and most of the times you just want to skip the stretching part. I was there so I knew the feeling. But since I forced myself to do a short stretching (around 10 minutes or so) after working out, I have witnessed a great difference in my recovery.

The benefits of stretching after you are done with working out are unbeatable. To name a few, it helps to improve circulation within your body, eliminate lactic acid that causes muscle fatigues, cool down your muscles while enhance their coordination. Also what I notice about the post workout stretching is its psychological effect on me. It helps me to balance my breath and make me feel so good after a tough workout.


This is the new method I just found out recently and have been very satisfied with the outcomes. A foam roller can release muscle tension, cure back pain and muscle soreness, aid recovery and so much more. The video below explains how you can use a foam roller the right way.

On top of all above benefits, it is very affordable for everyone compared to spending money on a massage session.


Sometimes it takes a bit longer than you expect to gather strength again for the next workout. It really depends on each person on how quick your muscles get recovered. If all methods I just mentioned don’t fasten the recovering process, I will just rest for a bit longer.

Just listen to your body. Don’t get stressed and enforce your body to the limit that it will break you down. Working out is for a long-term healthy benefit, so there is no point to rush.

When men should also practice yoga

When I told my friends that I practice yoga, they were all quite surprised. It is quite a common thought that yoga is probably just suitable for women. No, it ain’t true. Yoga is also great for men and today I will explain why.

I actually just started with yoga around 3 months ago, and I have already self-witnessed how much the positive changes have occured to my body and my mind. The purpose of this post is to encourage as many more people as possible to get on boat with yoga. Men, women, children – all are welcomed.


Practicing yoga makes you stretch and increases your body flexibility. I finally got to touch my toes with straight legs and correct postures. Since I also do other sporty actitvities such as boxing training and weight training, my improved flexibility has also enhanced my range of motion. Thus I could avoid risks of injuries in sports I play. It has also strengthened my practicality of recovery from sore muscles.


Yoga is an amazing type of workout that dramatically helps to strengthen the cores of your body. In every single yoga poses, you need to use your core through your body weight to hold it stabilized and target each muscle. That sounds great but actually not easy at all. You will need to practice with patience and then will see how pregress comes.


An important technique in yoga is breathing. It brings up the new level of mindfulness and make me more calm. I also notice the quality of my sleep has improved a lot. I sleep deeper and always feel energized and refresh after waking up.

yoga for men


In addition to all above reasons, practicing yoga also helps me to release stress. In a way I can call yoga a form of meditation. Every time I finish a yoga session, I feel so peaceful and my mind is all cleared up with problems and clutters in life. The power of de-stressing in yoga makes me more focused and energized in life in general.

Are you also a man who practices yoga? What else has yoga brought to improve your health? If you haven’t tried with yoga, would you like to take a trial session right now? Honestly, I will recommend eveyone I know to pratice yoga. It would probably be the best decision ever in their lives.

If you still look for more reasons to start yoga, take a look at the video below. I hope you will get inspired!

How to avoid weight gain in winter

Winter weather really makes people want to eat more and less motivated for working out. On top of that, during winter time, there are long holidays that people tend to enjoy with a lot of comfort food and sweet treats. Also the high amount of alcohol intake on holidays is also one of the reasons to make some of us get a bit chubbier than usual.

So what do I usually do to avoid weight gain in winter? I will share everything in below right now!


avoid winter weight gaining by attending outdoor activitiesLack of sunlight naturally makes my body slow and out of energy. When being slow and tired, staying home will just turn things worse. I tend to get myself outside for anything I can do. It can be simply walking around the neighbor hood for some fresh air, jogging to the nearby convenient store, doing some snowwork on my card or the yard, etc. even just for about 15 minutes. Trust me, it makes me feel much more refresh and more energized. Also those small activities will make blood circulation flow better.


It is hard not to drink alcohol at all during winter and holiday time. The joy of sipping some wine or cocktail is quite irresistible to me. But I told myself: if I to avoid gaining weight, I need to do it with moderation. I aslo prefer to take red wine and cocktails (I don’t care if somebody says it’s too “girly”) rather than beer.


Honestly I spend less time working out during holidays than usual. However, less is better than nothing. Weight training or HIIT training are my priorities on these occasions because they are less time-consuming than cardio but the results are quite impressive. Regarding HIIT training, I often do body-weight intensive workout or punching the punch bag for maximum result. And of course don’t forget to make good use of boxing gloves to prevent any injuries. Over here is my favorite website for recommendations of best boxing gloves

And if you prefer something lighter but still able to acquire good results, try out Yoga.


avoid gainining weight in winter by eating more veggiesWinter is not an ideal time for vegetable and fruit shopping. But I always try to sneak in as much green stuff as much as I can into my meals. Apples are my most favorite choice since they are available around the year and I can make a lot of things with it: eating raw as snacks, making green juice, making salads and even apple pies (without sugar). The beautiful and delicious colors of these veggie-based food are very tempting and make me eat more.


Taking vitamin supplements is quite important to my body during winter time. It helps me to gain the energy throughout the day; hence, I can get myself up for house cleaning, working out, and even outdoor activities.


Do you know that stress can actually cause weight gain? Don’t stress yourself too much. It’s holiday so just enjoy (with consideration and moderation).

While writing this post, I ask my girlfriend what she does not to gain weight during winter. She told me to check out this video below since that’s how she makes things work for her. Probably you want to have a look too!

Fit Men Cook

Eating right plays an important role in becoming a healthy person. No matter how hard you train, if you eat all junk foods and unhealthy stuff, your body probably cannot get to the level you want.

That’s why today I want to introduce to you a very inpsirational and helpful Youtube channel that I have been following for such a long time: Fit Men Cook

His recipes are very delicious and easy to cook. More importantly, they are affordable to everyone. That’s right! You don’t need to spend a lot to keep your eating healthy.

His video content is very informative and comprehensive on a wide range of topics.

  • He teaches how to cook healthy and yummy meals.
  • He shares what he eats
  • He shows how to meal plan under a budget
  • He helps how to get started with healthy eating

Just go to his channel. All of information you need is there!